School Uniform

Our school strongly supports our school uniform which is appropriate clothing for the activities of the school day.  We believe this is a simple and practical way of maintaining high standards of personal appearance, and of encouraging a sense of belonging to the school.

You can buy uniform with our logo from Stevensons of Norwich – see their website at

  • Black skirt or trousers
  • Golden yellow polo shirt
  • Black school sweatshirt/cardigan
  • Black shoes
  • Yellow checked summer dress
  • PE: Coloured team t-shirt, black shorts, plimsolls for indoor work, trainers for outdoor work, change of socks.

A tracksuit can be worn for outdoor games on colder days.PE/Games clothing should be kept in school during the week

a suitably sized bag to hang on your child’s peg.  Please do not send your child to school with designer-label sports clothing.

  • Optional Extras: school book bag (which can be purchased from school office) and school PE bag
  • Children should not wear jewellery (other than a watch), make-up or nail varnish at school.  Those with piercings should only wear plain studs in the interests of safety and hygiene.  These should be removed for PE and Games.
  • Protective clothing for art and craft sessions is desirable – an old adult’s shirt is ideal.
  • As protection from the sun we endorse the wearing of a baseball cap or hat.
  • All items of clothing must be labelled with your child’s name.  Children found with unmarked clothing will be asked to label them at the school office, using an indelible pen.
  • No valuables should be brought to school. We do have a Mobile Phone Policy which parents should adhere to if they wish their children to bring mobile phones into school.
  • Any lost property is kept until the last day of term and is then disposed of.

We believe a uniform allows all pupils, regardless of background, to feel equal to their peers and confident in their appearance. We also believe it is important for activities to be facilitated by specialised and appropriate clothing such as sports specific attire.

Attleborough Primary School is committed to ensuring equality and value for money, and that no pupil is discriminated against due to their religion or belief, economic circumstances or social and cultural background. Some religions and beliefs require their members to conform to a specific dress code. Attleborough Primary School does not discriminate against any religion or belief; however, the school must weigh the needs and rights of individual pupils against the cohesion and health and safety concerns of the entire school community. The school endeavours to allow most religious requirements to be met.