Universal Free School Meals

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are able to receive a hot school meal at no cost to the parent/carer. The children can choose between the main meal of the day, vegetarian option pasta or jacket potato (which is served with a choice of baked beans, cheese or tuna mayonnaise.)  The class teacher will ask the children each morning at registration what they would like for dinner and will be given a coloured badge to wear until after lunch.  Menus have been sent home but additional copies are available from the office and are also displayed on the notice board or here on our website using the link at the bottom of this page. Children can still bring their own packed lunch if they wish but we would encourage them to try a hot school dinner.  This will give them a varied and balanced diet and save you time and money. School dinners are cooked and served in our school  kitchen and children eating hot dinners and packed lunches will eat together in the school hall.  We stagger the sittings to enable us to fit everyone in.

Nut Free Environment

We have several children in school who either have an intolerance to nuts or have a severe nut allergy.  The school is nut free, including the school kitchen.  We would be grateful if you could make sure any packed lunches brought into school do not include nuts (in cakes, biscuits or spreads,etc.).

We would also be grateful if you did not bring any sweets or cakes into class to share for birthdays or other celebrations.  We have several children in school with food allergies, many parents prefer to regulate these items in their child’s diet, and it is very difficult for teachers to manage these in class.  If we cook cakes or biscuits as part of the curriculum we will send them home for you to decide when they should be eaten.

Thank you.

Special Diets

If your child requires a special diet please contact Norse Catering and complete a registration form so we can ensure a safe and suitable menu can be provided.  More details are available on their website at www.norsecatering.co.uk Norse Catering’s dietician supports schools and parents with the challenge of catering for special diets.  She holds a Special Diet Advice Clinic every Tuesday and Thursday between 4:30pm and 6pm during term time.  There is an advice line specifically for parents who have questions or concerns regarding their child’s dietary requirements.  The number is 07718 200884.

Pupil Premium

Please complete the Pupil Premium form if you are receiving benefits and are not in receipt of working tax credits.  The school receives extra money for pupil premium.

Key Stage 2 and Nursery Children

Key Stage 2 and nursery children will need to pay for their meals, the cost of which is £2.30 per meal.

If you are receiving benefits and do not receive Working Tax Credit your children will be eligible for free school meals when they move up to into Key Stage 2.

Please complete a Pupil Premium form which is available from the school office or which can be downloaded from the Useful Information tab on our website.