Mrs Allison Barker is our ARP Federation SENDCo. If you need to contact her, please see below for her email addresses.


At The Attleborough Rosecroft Primary Federation, we aim to ensure pupils are offered full access to a broad, balanced and relevant education, including an appropriate curriculum with optional elements of bespoke learning. Teachers are dedicated to ensure that
provision is accessible to every young person. The collaboration within the Federation allows teachers to reflect and refine their practice in order to provide high-quality learning for all.

How we evaluate the effectiveness of our SEND Provision

We continuously ensure that provision has a positive impact on the outcomes for all of our children. We measure all student’s academic progress through summative assessments and where applicable, through targeted intervention. The progress of students with SEND is monitored by class teachers supported by the SENDCo. Information regarding progress is then used to evaluate the effectiveness of the support that is given. We will also gather information from pupils, parents/carers, Teaching Assistants and, where applicable, professionals from other agencies.

We place great importance on effective SEND provision and regularly review the impact of our intervention.

Evaluation methods include:

  • Pupil and parent voice
  • The Graduated Approach – Assess, Plan, Do, Review Cycles
  •    SENCo/SLT/Governor monitoring
  •     Performance management targets
  •     Norfolk’s Inclusion and provision Self-Evaluation Framework (IPSEF), Core Consultations with Norfolk’s Education and Psychology Support Service (EPSS) and SEND Audits with an Educational Psychologist commissioned by the school

With the permission of parents, we may also seek additional advice from outside specialists. This extra advice may come from
health professionals, specialist teachers or educational psychologists.  

These professionals may:

  •    Carry out further activities to show what the child finds easy (their strengths) and what they may need specific help with (their barriers)
  •   Provide advice to schools on how to best support the child (overcome and remove barriers)
  •   Suggest resources (things) that would help the child make progress

If your child needs support from a range of professionals to succeed in school and in life, we will talk with you. We may, with your permission, ask the Local Authority to carry out an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment.


During their educational journey, a pupil may require a more bespoke and personalised approach to their learning. Pupils may receive some additional intervention as part of their provision and we offer optional personalised learning interventions to identified students. 

For those students who have disabilities, guidance is sought and all reasonable adjustments are made. 

SEND Information Reports