First Admissions 

First admissions are managed by the Local Authority. Applications for places must be made through the Admissions Office at County Hall by January of the year before starting school. Registration is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian, not the school. Parents will be notified of the offered place by the LA in April. All children will be offered a full time place from September. Parents can request part time places or deferred entry from the Headteacher, but all children must be attending the Reception class full time before the end of the school year.

Admissions to Reception other than in September, or to other Year Groups

Parents can request a place at any time during the school year directly to the Local Authority if they are moving into the area. If there is a place available in the necessary year group it will be offered. The school may not have more than thirty children in any Foundation Stage or Key Stage 1 class. The school cannot hold or reserve places. Parents wishing to transfer their children midyear for any other reason will also need to contact the LA directly, these applications are considered termly.

Request for places in excess of the school’s intake limit

Where the school is unable to accommodate all the requests for places because this would exceed the intake limit, information is sent to the Admissions section at County Hall who then inform the parents of place allocations and information about how to appeal against the decision.

It is very helpful to us if you can contact the school Attleborough office on 01953 453491 or Rosecroft office on 01953 453127 and let us know that you have applied for a place at our school.
If you have any queries about the admissions process please contact Norfolk County Council Children’s Services on 0344 800 8020.