Are you thinking about the right place for your child to start their school learning journey?

At Rosecroft Primary School we bring learning to life and are pleased to showcase through the videos below the wonderful learning opportunities we offer your child, enabling them to build a love of learning, skills for life and long lasting positive memories of school.

Our school has a wealth of facilities to support children in their primary years in our state of the art building, from wide corridors to outside access from every classroom and wide open spaces. We are lucky enough to have 2 halls, one for sport and one for assemblies, together with changing rooms and access to our korfball court.

We know that making a decision about which school is right for your child is one of the most difficult you will make as a parent and, in these challenging times, this decision is even more difficult. However, we would like to reassure you that Rosecroft Primary firmly places children and their learning at the heart of everything we do!

We know that every child is unique, as is their style of learning and interests. As such, we make sure that learning happens not just in the classroom, but also outside. We are lucky enough to have a Forest School practitioner who supports children on site in our Forest School area, as well as a Golden Mile track for children to walk daily.

We are very proud of our school and hope that the information below shows you more about what your child will experience during their Reception year at Rosecroft, with our website and Facebook page showing you more of what to expect as they move through the school. If, however, you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school direct.

Welcome to Reception at Rosecroft Primary School from our Early Years Team

To all of our new potential reception starters for September 2021, we are so happy that you may be thinking of coming to our school in September. All of the grown-ups would be excited to meet you and tell you about all the brilliant things you will do at Rosecroft Primary School if you choose to begin your learning journey with us. There are a lot of things going on, from learning to read and write in fun ways, developing your number knowledge through play to having loads of fun building and exploring in the outside area. We, the reception team, strive to keep you happy, safe and engaged in your learning and look forward to hopefully seeing you in our classrooms for September.

To all of our potential new reception parents and carers,

We find ourselves in the most unusual of times to be welcoming children and parents to school for September 2021. Please be assured that as the guidance from the government changes, Rosecroft Primary School will continue to adapt and move with the times. We are very sad this year not to be able to offer ‘in person’ tours, but we’ve created two videos to share with you what Reception has to offer and the imaginative ways we support children as they start their school career.

Here is a power point of things you might need to know about our Reception

What will you see inside?

What will you see outside?

What to do next… 

The window is now open for parents and carers to request a place at school for September 2021.

The deadline for the submission of applications is 11:59pm Friday 15 January 2021.